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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions

When Is A Good Time To Start My Son/Daughter So That They Can Develop Good Driving Habits?

Children learn at a very young age and they learn from watching mom and dad. Parents are their role models and they think that mom and dad's way is the best way.

How Long Are The Lessons For?

They are 90 minutes long.

What Makes Driver Training Services Better Than Other Schools?

The quality of instruction is unsurpassed both in class and behind the wheel. Our instructors bring a multitude of knowledge including law enforcement, continuing education, fleet management and safety. We have been serving the area since 1996.

What Skills Are Taught During The Lessons?

View our Services section for a general description of lessons.

Do You Give Lessons During The Evening And Weekends?

Yes, we are very flexible when it comes to scheduling lessons.

If My Child Lost His/Her Permit, Can They Drive On A Photo Copy?

No, a photo copy is not acceptable by law, you can go to PennDot or online for a replacement.

What If I Want More Hours Of Behind The Wheel For My Child?

We'll just upgrade you to the package that best fits your needs.

Do You Teach Parallel Parking?

Yes, that is one of the first things we teach a new student along with safety issues.

What is the benefit of taking the test at Driver Training Services?

One of the reasons that PennDOT started this program was to alleviate the backlog in scheduling. Instead of waiting months for the next available appointment, we usually have openings in the next week. All of our examiners here at Driver Training Services have been certified by PennDOT to administer the test.

What happens when I take the driving test at Driver Training Services?

Driver Training Services administers the same test requirements as you would encounter taking the test at a PennDOT testing facility. (This includes parallel parking!) If you pass the test, your permit is stamped, making your driver’s permit your temporary license for 120 days. Your test results are then sent to PennDOT. In a few weeks you would receive a camera card in the mail. You would take the camera card and the stamped permit to any PEnnDOT photo center to have your photo taken and receive your photo license.