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Driving Competency Assessments

Driver Training Services personnel are trained and certified to administer the DCA I and DCA II Driver Competency Assessments (DCA). The DCA is an internationally-recognized standardized assessment for drivers.

A Driver Competency Assessment answers the question, “how much is this person at risk when operating a vehicle or using the road system, in comparison with others in a normal urban driving environment?”

A DCA is not a road test – there is no pass or fail. Instead, it’s a standardized performance measure, scored by computer that gives employers a clear numerical ranking for a particular driver as compared with thousands of others.

It’s up to individual companies to decide how much risk they are willing to take. Some companies are satisfied administering a simple online quiz to their drivers a few times each decade. Others do nothing and hope for the best. What is your company willing to do to limit its liability and ensure it has the safest drivers out there on public roads?

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