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Accelerated Driving Prep Course

Welcome to the Accelerated Driving Prep Course. Driver Training Services created this program in response to the multitudes of students who passed their permit test, yet still are having issues applying the information learned when driving. The course is designed to give an in-depth view of the safe driving material covered, something the traditional permit test fails to do. For example, the traditional permit test may be helpful for identifying road signs, but our course will not just help drivers to identify the signs, but also help to explain what they mean and how to respond. Because the Accelerated Driving Prep Course is particularly helpful at giving new drivers information that experienced drivers already understand and practice, we highly recommended this course for newly permitted drivers as well as those preparing to take the test to be permitted.

These recommendations come from our highly trained instructors who have noticed that many of our students would highly benefit from The Accelerated Driving Prep course, as this will enable them to “get their feet wet” before their first lesson. Taking this course may help to save time and money in the long run as students who come prepared for their Behind the Wheel lessons typically move through the course at a faster pace than students who don’t, and the need for additional lessons could possibly be eliminated.

The Accelerated Driving Prep Course is available for anyone to take from the comfort of their own home for the low price of $24.99. Please click the link below to register.